Liquid Art

Business offices,kitchens, bathrooms and basements are perfect to use this beautiful and unique coating technique that provides a great ”glass like” sheen that will leave you breathless. Liquid Art flooring involves application of primer coat, a 3-component color coat, followed by two metallic coats into which denatured alcohol is sprayed. This metallic coating technique has revolutionized the floor coating industry by adding a unique, one-of-a-kind finish.

Mica Media

We can install it in your garage, basement, patio, driveway, warehouse, airplane hangar, or any interior or exterior space that needs a sturdy and shiny coating, that also will provide ultimate protection from dents and scratches. This reflective mineral flake derived from a group of sheet silicate minerals, provides flooring with unique texture, pattern and quality.

The installation involves the application of a moisture-resistant epoxy primer coat followed by color with the Mica Media Pattern on top, we can add one or two clear coats on top resulting in a strong texture with an amazing sheen.

mica media photo

PVA System

This coating is perfect for interior flooring, also for driveways, patios and more. PVA systems provide great protection to prevent slips,and at the same time  it provides a reflective and shiny surface, it’s easy to clean, is very sturdy , durable, and resistant to abrasion. it comes in a wide collection of colors and patterns you can choose from our catalog.

Seamless System

This classic and solid color finished will restore, seal and beautify your concrete flooring, without the textures of PVA coating, it will improve any area to make it safer and more functional.


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